Treat headache with triditional medicine

Kidney Stones سنگ کلیه
Can you treat kidney stones with traditional medicine?
7 Oct, 2018
headache درمان سردرد

headache درمان سردرد

Types of headaches in traditional medicine

In traditional medicine, headaches divide into four categories:

  • Bilious headaches
  • Bilious headache is often seen in the men. In this type of headache, the whole forehead and eyes are painful. The pain starts from the forehead. Heat or smell of hot perfumes might severe this headache. Consumption of sekanjabin, orange juice and lemon juice, and smelling vinegar can help with bilious headache.

  • Bloody headaches
  • This headache has begun on the forehead, then fully extend the head. It can cause pulsing in the temples. This type of headache increases with heat and warm scent. Bloody headache is often seen in the men. Cupping for the body and head can help to get rid of this headache.

  • Phlegm headaches
  • Phlegm headache is started from the neck and back of head, in some cases it is associated with nausea. Warm scent can help this headache. Cold temperament, anxiety, and stress will exacerbate it. This is more likely to be seen in women. Smell hot perfumes before bedtime, rubbing sesame oil on the top of the head, cupping and consume grape juice five times a week in the breakfast meal are some of the methods to treat it. It is useful to drink fennel water and honey before bedtime, for treating this headache in women.

  • Suda headaches
  • Suda headache usually involves the whole head. This make you sensitive to noise, light and smell. Darkness can help you with this headache. The noises, crowded place, air pollution, and stress are the affecting factors. This headache occurs in men and women. Some effective methods for treat this condition are sekanjabin consumption, foot massage, hair combing and cupping. You must prevent foods such as eggplant, spices, beef and coffee that made suda.

    The important thing is that, you can prevent headache with reduce stress, do aerobic exercise, avoid smoking, eat proper food, sleep enough and drink water.

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