Diet Therapy

Diet Therapy

Diet Therapy

What is the cause of Diet therapy importance for Traditional Medicine?

Diet therapy and nutritional modification are important principles in the treatment of diseases in Iranian traditional medicine. Unfortunately, most people believe that it’s not necessary to refer to the doctor or diet therapist until they face problems. The goal of the diet therapy is to prevent diseases before they occur. In this way, in addition to having a healthy body, you can be relieved of the extra treatment costs.

A diet therapy based on temperament and individual characteristics, identifies the proper nutrition for treating any disease. The diet therapy tries to provide a good solution for treating the disease and improving patient’s general health. It should be taken into account that the diet therapy requires time and expert confirmation. You must plan for diet therapy under the supervision of a traditional therapist to reach the desire outcome.

Which types of dieases can be prevented and controlled by diet therapy?

Most people don’t know about the ability of diet therapy to cure diseases. On the other hand, many people prescribe diet therapy for themselves or people around them, without adequate knowledge. This is very common in the treatment of obesity and weight loss. The wrong diet therapy causes many diseases, and even chronic obesity.

  • Traditional therapist can give you an apropriate diet for obesity and weight loss. So, you will reach your goal in a standard path.
  • During pregnancy, pre and post pregnant woman may be referred to a traditional therapist. The diet at this stage includes a proper diet for mother, proper nutrition for infant based on the baby's growth and height.
  • Diet therapy can help you to treat diseases such as sugar blood, hyperlipidemia, blood pressure, Hypothyroidism, Hyperthyroidism, uremia.

What is the appropriate diet for the four temperaments based on the diet therapy?

  • Yellow bile Temperament
  • Yellow bile Temperament is warm and dry. Therefore, fatty and sweet foods can increase the bile. Foods with cold temper are suitable for these people. Foods with cold temper include Fresh fruits such as pomegranate, watermelon, citrus, vegetables, lime, green peas, mushrooms, white rice, barley’s product and barberry juice. These people should periodically eat laxatives such as flixweed and Prune.

  • Blood Temperament
  • Blood temperament is hot and warm that is related to the chemical compounds in the blood. Foods with cold temper, drinking plenty of water and moderate eating is recommended to these people. Eating light foods and olive oil is also recommended for them, while steamed foods are not suitable for blood temper.

  • Black bile temperament
  • Black bile is a cool, dry, and heaviest temper. These people must prevent eating ice, processed and fried foods. Foods with hot temper is recommended to them. Foods with hot temper include poultry, camel meat, lamb meat, honey, dates, hot vegetables and spices like ginger, true cardamom, cinnamon, mint, summer savoury and saffron.

  • Phlegm temper
  • Phlegm temper is cool and warm. Foods with cold temper like dairy products, torshi and vinegar increase phlegm. The best food for them is foods with hot temper. The laxative seeds, such as herbs, hawthorn, and plankton, are also recommended. Tahini, date syrup, dates and nuts such as walnut, almond and hazelnut are helpful for them.

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