1Can traditional medicine help vascular diseases?

Traditional medicine is trying to prevent diseases with very simple advices. Most of us have seen people who look quite young in old age because of adhering to these advices. According to traditional medicine, daily consumption of an apple keeps you away from viral and bacterial diseases. Although, there are traditional remedies for treatment. Drinking compound mixtures from plants and other nutrients can be effective in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, high cholesterol and even obesity. Also, treatments such as bloodletting, cupping and massaging have a positive effect on blood pressure to prevent and improve cardiovascular disease.

2Can you have self medication if you read different books about traditional medicine?

Traditional medicine is defined various temperament for the human body. The treatment considers the type of temperament. According to body's temperament, a plant can be useful for someone and harmful to someone else. Furthermore, the amount and time of consumption are different for each individual. For example, mint is a powerful antiseptic and disinfectant. But daily consumption is not recomended. For this reason, traditional medicine is against to self medication. You should refer to a professional doctor for traditional medicine.

3How traditional medicine help you to get rid of fatty liver?

In this days, fatty liver disease is become very common. The nature of the liver is warm and moist. So, eating excess foods that are cold temper is harmful for the liver. Fatty tissue accumulates in the liver if the liver became cold. Black tea, frying foods, fatty foods and mayonnaise would be avoided to prevent fatty liver. On the other hand, consumption of fruits, vegetables, apricot leaves, ginger, berries, black nigella seeds and jujube is recommended. Also, Dog-Rose and Milk Thistle extract can be used to cleanse the liver.

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