Change of Lifestyle

Change of Lifestyle

These days, due to air pollution and high stress, we are exposed to various diseases. We have always heard that prevention is better than cure.

It is interesting to note that by following some minor cases and lifestyle changes, it is easy to prevent these diseases. A healthy lifestyle with a regular exercise program, proper sleep, healthy diet, emotional control, pure weather, bathing and regular Intercourse. If you want to have a healthy lifestyle, join us. In the following, we will explain each of these cases.

Regular Exercise Program

Both excessive activity and inactive lifestyle can cause anxiety and depression. Iranian traditional medicine believes that balanced exercise and rest eliminates waste material and converts foods into refreshing ingredients for the body.

In traditional medicine, moderate exercise means: the face tends to red, person begins to breathe and sweat. This exercise must stop gradually by increasing breath and sweat.

The best time to exercise is the late morning in the spring, early morning in the summer and evening in the fall and winter. Exercise should be adjusted by eating. Exercise in hunger and immediately after eating is not correct. Exercise time should be about 2 hours after meals.

Proper Time For Sleep and Awake

Regular times for sleep and improve sleep quality can inhibit anxiety and depression.

Sleep on a full stomach causes digestive disorder, bloating, and horrible dreams. Sleeping hunger also causes deplet the body's moisture, which leads to weakness.

Sleep during the day is not suitable because it causes change skin colour and accomplish waste in the body. Sleep in sunset make body tierd and is considered as an annihilation sleep in traditional medicine books. So, it's best to leave sleeping during the day, if you have the habit.

In all season, it is best to use blanket when sleeping. Because when you sleep, the heat goes inside of the body and the outside became cold. So, a slightly wind affected the body and may cause disease.

Healthy Diet

While eating and drinking is one of the pleasures of life, you must pay attention to nutritional recommendations.

These recommendations include a number of issues that each person deals with them all the day. Iranian traditional medicine recommends various foods and beverages to help relieve depression and create happiness.

Emotional Control

Traditional medicine says that if you can control mental states, you will be healthy. Mental states have an important role in the body health and can cause illness. These states include anger, happiness, fear, sadness, anxiety, and embarrassment.

Each of these emotional states will occurrence during life, but when it comes out of balance may have destructive effects on the body.

Happiness results in balanced wieght, enhanced heat and moisture, better digestion, and the proper disposal of wastes from the body. Also, it can fight disease because it will delay the aging process and enhance the natural intelligence of the body.

You must note that excess happiness like excitement is harmful. Fear, sadness, regret, and disappointment also have a damaging effect. This type of mental state improves the likelihood of developing a variety of diseases by weakening the body's immune system. This mental state may disable your body from absorbption foods and medications or get benefites from therapies such as massage and cupping. In this case, traditional medicine recommend you modify mental state in order to recovery and treat.

Good Weather

Air pollution is one of the most important causes of anxiety and depression . . .

You can consider some point in house design such as tall roof, large windows that open to the east and north in order to sun shine and flow air, the living room and rooms that are to the east. Iranian traditional medicine experts believe that the air around plants like cabbage, chives, cress, ricinus and trees such as figs and walnuts is not suitable for live.

Proper Bathing

One of the ways to cleanse the body is bathing. Unfortunately, today bathing has reduced to a quick shower.

While a quick shower is not enough to completely open the pores of the skin. It is necessary to increase circulation of the body that cause the face tend to red, and cleaned the waste completely in the bathroom. Foot massages in the bathroom has a significant effect on reducing headaches, anxiety and relaxing the body.

Proper Intercourse

Safe sex helps to remove waste from the body. 2 to 3 days is the best time between two intercourses.

However, people with hot temperament are more likely to have sex than people with cold temperament. If a couple have the same temperament, that means, both have hot temperament or both are cold, they tend to have the same sex and therefore can better meet the needs of each other.

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